Life is What You Bake it

The smell of freshly baked cookies engulfs you like a warm embrace. You see ovens everywhere and kids standing beside them excited to bake. You hear the sound of pans banging together.  These sounds and smells along with high-energy, happy students make up Ms. Cavallaro’s Culinary Arts two class. 


Trinity McDonald, Bear Hub Staff


Today’s task was to work together to make a batch of red velvet cupcakes. Students work diligently to follow the recipe to ensure nothing goes wrong. Each of them was assigned a job; one student was reading out the ingredients, another was getting the pans prepared. They all joined efforts to create a delicious batch of sweets. Happiness was radiating off the students like pumpkin spice coffee on an autumn day. These students were learning how to cook and bake to help feed themselves in the future. Providing for yourself is a huge part of growing up, so to have this class to guide you is a truly wonderful thing. 

Cooking and baking in this class prepares you for the real world. You’re put in groups causing you to have to work with other people who you may not know.  You follow the directions and you also learn how to cook and bake so you can prepare meals for yourself later in life.

“It’s like my baby,” Culinary arts teacher Ms. Cavallaro says, “I started teaching it 13 years ago and it has really evolved since then. I get to help students become more intimate with cooking.”

This class is so much more than just a cooking class. The students seemed to really enjoy baking and cooking. Laughter and conversation happened amongst the groups stirring up new friendships. The students learn life-long skills that will better prepare them for the challenging daily tasks of everyday life, and best of all they get to end each class by savoring their new skills.