Hamilton: An American Musical


Jordan Hamilton, Bear Hub Staff

To cross the threshold into the Richard Rodgers Theatre, is to step into a completely new world. A world where founding fathers diss one another through rap battles and their wives tell tales through perfectly timed beat boxing.

As each enchanting melody flows through your ears, you are transported to a realm where the past meets the present. What a talent it is– to bring words to life– to give history a new meaning. This talent was so gracefully bestowed upon Lin-Manuel Miranda, writer of “Hamilton: An American Musical.”

“Hamilton” tells the story of the life of the first Secretary of Treasury in America, Alexander Hamilton. If you made it through your American history classes in elementary school, this name should spark a reminder of the founding father, and the life he lived.
The soundtrack of Hamilton’s life is filled with twists and turns and Lin Manuel Miranda, genius that he is, took the life of this one man and transformed it into a brilliant Broadway musical. The musical score is a combination of hip hop with moments of rap along with soothing rhythm and blues.
It isn’t surprising that people from all over the world travel to see this masterpiece.

In fact, my first time seeing the show was marvelous. It was unforgettable.
The show started at 8:00 PM and I had spent the day in New York City sightseeing, so naturally I was feeling particularly drained. By the time I had taken my seat, the fight to keep my eyes open was intense. The lights dimmed and the orchestra played the iconic opening number. With only the first few chords, the sound flowed through my soul. My heart began to jump, and my energy was restored. I had to hear more. I had to see more. This excitement lasted for the remainder of the show. Every word, every movement touched me in a way I never thought was possible.

When the show ended, the lights came on to reveal my face that was covered in tears.
This show has exceeded the expectation of being just entertaining history. It’s more than a grand, patriotic celebration of American identity. This show establishes an understanding of legacy. It constantly presents the question “Who tells your story?” and dramatically reminds us with this that everything we do has a long-lasting effect. What we accomplish today has the potential to be relevant one-hundred years from now. The same way that our national identity lives and breathes as vitally today as it does in Hamilton’s own story.