Choir Concerts Reimagined

Not even a pandemic can stand in the way of a performance.


The Acabellas take a break from their virtual rehearsal to smile for a picture. They meet every Tuesday and Sunday to work on their voices.

Alefiya Presswala, Bear Hub Editor

EBHS’s Choir Department is just one example of EB’s excellence in the arts. Their beautiful concerts are an event that students look forward to every year. With the pandemic, students have been wondering if they will get to hear the choir department’s lovely voices again.

The answer is yes. This year, the Choir Department is hard at work, planning a virtual winter concert.

The choir department at EBHS consists of several groups including: Bella Voce and Concert Choir (in-school ensembles), full year and semester chorus (electives), and Acabellas, Jazz and R&B, and Men’s Choir (school clubs). Each group has been working on their own musical pieces throughout the first semester in order to prepare for the performance.

Tyler Hilton (11) and Melinda Kirshner (11) pose in their black dresses and white flowers that girls are required to wear for choir concerts. This year, however, junior Avery Lipkin, wardrobe manager for EB Choir, tells us, “We don’t know specifics of what the attire will be for concerts.”

As junior Tyler Hilton, manager for the Acabellas, explains, “Rather than performing in the JMPAC, we are having each student record themselves singing in a video, and then we’re compiling each student’s video together to create the entire song. After each song is then edited and completed, they are all compiled into one larger video, which will be the ‘virtual concert.’”

While the Choir Department is used to making music together in real time, they have adjusted well to the changes that came with the 2020-21 school year. Their perseverance and dedication will have paid off when the ‘virtual concert’ premieres on January 12, 2021. Be on the lookout for more information for more information on how you can attend this concert!