The Inside Scoop on Counseling with Mrs. Sislian

The counseling department is always available for all students; these difficult times won’t change that!


Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Throughout this pandemic, the school community has been constantly working to continue providing support for all students. With the struggles of adjusting to virtual high school, you may feel a bit disconnected from your peers but, the counseling department ensures that they are taking every step to still be as active in EBHS students’ lives as years prior. This crazy year of 2021 has brought some troubles to our world, and our school community. Nevertheless, the counseling department is always here for the students of EBHS.

An Interview with Lead Counselor, Mrs. Sislian

Mrs.Sislian encourages all students to spread their wings and fly! Don’t let these difficult times stop you from being the best You possible.

1. Has the role of counseling changed at all as a result of hybrid and remote learning?
Although we have been able to remain connected with students the past several months and we continue to adjust our counseling program to meet the needs of this new world, we have also realized that without people in the same room, something is missing. Recognizing the subtle body language in a counseling session that signals someone is in need; or sharing the excitement of future planning when the future is so unknown; or receiving student life updates in the halls during passing time. Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, but nothing can replace people connecting with one another in person.
The one thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the amazing resilience of young people. I am inspired everyday by the level of adaptability of our students –they’re doing a much better job than the adults are! They are moving past last spring, looking forward to better times, and embracing the here-and-now while finding the positives this new life is revealing. The optimism we are encountering is truly astonishing, and we are elated and so proud that these young people are our future.

2. Since all students can’t come to see their counselor in their office, how are students contacting and talking with their counselors this year?
We are following our traditional timeline of meeting with students, starting with Senior Interviews. We are also scheduling individual meetings as students request appointments to address a myriad of topics. Support groups will also be starting this month – let us know what your needs are!
Over the summer, all of the counselors created virtual offices with links to counseling and academic resources, as well as some links just for fun. Stop by for a visit! The Counseling Department also offers several virtual rooms for academic and mental health support, and we have a Counseling Canvas with endless resources for students and staff!

3. What are your hopes for your department and/or students this year?
Human connection is my ultimate hope. For classmates and teammates, for counselors and teachers, for the entire EBHS family – I hope it is safe to be back together soon. We all need each other.

4. What do you want to say to students about the counseling department?
Whether you are hybrid or virtual, a student or staff member – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Mrs. Sislian, a wonderful member of this school community, clearly encourages that students do not let this years’ struggles hold them back. The counseling department is still very much available for support and advice for everyone!