Designing a Future in Business: Interview with Nicolas Vinco

Senior Nicolas Vinco is the Design Lead of the robotics team, and a businessman at heart.



An avid anime lover, Nicolas Vinco, 12, puts his graphic design skills to good use designing ads as vice president of Anime Club.

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

A: All the way back in ninth grade, I went to the interest meeting for the robotics team at the very last minute. Now, multiple times each week, like I have done for the past three years at EBHS, I stand keenly outside of room L9 for our meetings, waiting for the moment we can take out our tools and computers to do work together. Being surrounded by the same people at every meeting throughout the week and at competitions allowed me to form connections with them. Furthermore, it gave me an outlet to showcase my acute interest in graphic design. Becoming the Design Lead for the robotics team meant myself designing our new logo, merchandise, website, social media posts, pamphlets, and much more, in addition to myself delving into photography and videography. While I very much enjoyed graphic design before joining the team, it was  my work through Astraea Robotics that truly made me fall in love with the field, and I will remember that for years to come.

A: In the same way that people who are good at painting and enjoy it do not necessarily become painters, I don’t actually desire to be a graphic designer for a living. I want to keep doing this simply as a hobby, contributing my skills to the people around me and to myself whenever fit, as I do now. I would like to attend college, going into the field of business as a Supply Chain Management major. In fact, being in this field does not actually put me that far from my graphic design hobby considering how other areas, such as advertising and marketing, which do require graphics, are important parts of making a business a business. Someday, I’d like to be in charge of a business that puts sustainability first.