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As high school is coming to an end, the Senior class can finally start to loosen up. With it being their last year in school, and after 4 years of exhausting learning and late nights studying, the Class of 2021 now has time to make memories instead of hitting the books, one of those memories being Homecoming.


Ali Soherwardy, Bear Hub Staff

After skipping it my Junior year, a senior told me “You have to go your senior year, just so you can have that memory and leave highschool with no regret.” But when the time came around, the event was pushed back to November. But when November came around, it was pushed to later in the year.

“I definitely feel a little disappointed that we can’t have a normal homecoming at a normal time, but it definitely makes sense to push it back” said Gavin March, 12, our homecoming king.

Fortunately, the school still plans to hold this crucial event but a date has not been determined. In anticipation of the event, the Homecoming King and Queen were selected and them being Gavin March and Julie Ham. The Homecoming royalty, however, can hold their excitement for the event

“I’m happy that it was pushed back, ”said Julie Ham, 12. “It was nowhere close to safe in November and if they held it anyway, I wouldn’t have gone for my families safety.” And this concern is stressed by the school administration as well. The students and teachers safety comes first before anything else, and with advancements of the vaccine, the date may be closer than we think.

Our homecoming queen, Julie Ham, 12, said “I was surprised I was voted in. I took it as a joke at first but now I will be sure to prep for this event as best as I can!”

Of course, the event and school in general will never be the same. There will be a lot more restrictions and everybody won’t be able to mob together on the dance floor as it has been for so many years. However, King Gavin, 12, is still happy that we have the opportunity to have the event. “Especially with the numbers rising and the hope of a vaccine, pushing it to later in the year helps ensure that not only will it be more safe,” he said. “but maybe even closer to the kind of event that it’s been in years past.”