Rise, Shine and Socialize

Before first period is more than just extra time to finish homework.


Sarah Kincaid

Liana Vargas, 11, and Brianna Alvarez, 11, are excited to see each other before first period

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Students are constantly told that the reason why they wake up at 6am Monday through Friday is for the purpose of their education. The bus picks them up from the bus stop every morning and picks them up from East Brunswick High School every afternoon.

But, for students, attending school isn’t just for learning, it’s about socializing with friends. They are in a building for seven hours a day for five days a week and there is no better way to de-stress from all of their classes then to talk with their friends.

Liana Vargas, 11,  and Brianna Alvarez, 11,  meet up every morning before first period to catch up. Liana says that the time before her first period class starts is her favorite time. When asked why she said “The mornings give me a chance to hang out with friends I don’t get to see throughout the other times of the day.”

So for that extra ten minutes you have before class, spend it enjoying time with your friends before all the work for the day piles on.

Sarah Kincaid
Liana Vargas, 11, and Brianna Alvarez, 11, greet each other with a selfie at 7:05am Thursday morning.