Where to Watch?

Which streaming platform do you think is the best?


There are countless streaming platforms out right now, but everyone is always wondering, which one is the best?

Over 100 EBHS Sophomores were asked the question of which streaming platform was their favorite and least favorite. The possible choices of streaming platforms included: Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Crunchyroll, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and other. Out of these many options given, Netflix came out to be the Sophomore favorite, at a tremendous 60.3%.

Krishna Meegada, a Sophomore who chose Netflix as his favorite, tells Bear Hub, “Netflix has a wide variety of options, more so than other streaming platforms.” This was the same reasoning others used when explaining why Netflix was chosen as their favorite streaming platform.

However, at 34.5% Crunchyroll takes the top spot in the least favorite streaming platform. Zafir Ahmed, a Sophomore who chose Crunchyroll as his least favorite, tells Bear Hub, “Crunchyroll has too many ads for a service that requires payment.” Crunchyroll has been noted to have a lot of ads but it is still surprising that it was the least favorite. Since it was the second ranked favorite streaming platform among EBHS sophomores at a cool 13.8%.

Overall the winner of the survey, and the EBHS Sophomores favorite Streaming Platform was Netflix, and surprisingly the least favorite streaming platform came out to be Crunchyroll.