TikTok Famous

If you are a TikTok user it is likely that you know who Ben Lipman is. If not, Ben is a junior at East Brunswick High School who has gotten some fame off the popular app TikTok.


Sam Fox, Bear Hub Staff

According to Ben, his persona is “a comedian who has great dance skills.” I can say myself that after watching some of his videos, they were quite hysterical. To Ben TikTok started as a joke. After he saw the app getting popular, Ben downloaded it and got 260,000 views on one of his first videos. Ben told Bear Hub that being Tik Tok famous is pretty interesting. Ben says, “I’ve been recognized in public several times and I feel like it helped me gain more popularity in a way.”
If you ever wondered how Ben got so famous on Tik Tok, he says the secret is that “funny content probably attracts more people to view your profile.” Something that started off lighthearted has turned into 37,400 followers and counting.