District Denim

District Denim

Importance of Fashion and the Influences of it.

Hi my name is Kaya Pathak, I am a sophomore at EBHS. District Denim is a space where students are able to see how Fashion plays a large role in people’s lives, and how different aspects of our life influence fashion. Fashion is a way people can express themselves, their cultures, their identity and so much more. Things like Music, food, and people inspire so many different fashion trends & styles, District Denim is a platform where students at EBHS are able to see and learn about the importance of fashion, and how much it impacts them during their daily lives.
District Denim is also space wear I can share the Fashion styles and trends of my culture. I want to use this space to also include images and quotes from my family in India, who run small businesses in Art and crocheting. My older cousin is an artist, she lives in India where she not only sells her artwork, but also T-shirts, tote bags, and other items with her art on them, her mother, my aunt also runs a small business out of India, where she crochets cute beanies, bags, flowers, and other little trinkets and key chains. I hope to use this space to show students the importance of Fashion, and the influences of Fashion.

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