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Out of the Rough and onto the Fairway

Girls Golf 2023

April 25, 2023


The mid-afternoon sun peeks out from behind the clouds, as junior Huseina Basrai shoots a bogey on her last hole of the match. Scoring a 49 overall, she places fourth, alongside freshman Dasha Patel, against Wardlaw-Hartridge. The tough loss faced in the opening match of the season foreshadows the hard work and determination these girls will need as they make their way through the 2023 season.

Students tend to stereotype golf as a “boring sport,” said Huseina Basrai, because it is not as high action and intense as others. However, it takes a strong, positive mindset to excel in golf. Concentration is key to keeping overwhelming thoughts at bay, when it is “only you and the ball and the next shot is up to you,” said Huseina Basrai. Coach Motusesky said, “there will be times that you’re not hitting the ball like you would want,” but in the midst of a match, a golfer must control their temper and look forward to the next shot, to perform to the best of their abilities. To Coach Motusesky and these girls, golf is a fulfilling sport that individuals can play for the rest of their lives, to gain connections, peace of mind, or simply because they enjoy the game.

Starting the season off with a loss, the girls proceeded to come back, with senior leaders aiding the younger players in teaching them “how to practice the right way, how the rules both on and off of the court need to be followed and how to conduct [themselves] on the golf course” said Coach Motusesky. Despite three more losses along the way, one against South Brunswick by a mere two strokes, the girls have excelled in their pursuit on the green. Although golf is an individual sport, playing for East Brunswick has taught the girls how to play on a team. Junior Huseina Basrai explains that the goal of the sport is to “become a better person and golfer.” Currently 5-4-1, ranking 5th in their division, the girls golf team moves out of the rough and onto the fairway, driving their team to success. Looking forward to the matches ahead, this team strives for success and a chance to take it to states.

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