Alumni Day


Left to Right, Alumni Nick R, Gianna S, Shreya R, Lily P, Carlene C visit Room 2118 and give advice on how to chose a good roommate.

Rabia Mansoor, Bear Hub Staff

December 23rd was a wild day, the halls were filled with students of EBHS – ones who haven’t graduated yet, and those who graduated a year or two ago. They were here to give advice to this year’s seniors, about college culture and academics, and how their experience has been.

This year, Alumni Day was organized by Ms. Nelson in the counseling department. When I sat down to speak with her about what she had planned, she expressed her excitement for being able to manage such a “deep-rooted tradition of the highschool”. She also told me about how she was particularly enthusiastic about being able to hear from alumni who graduated in 2021. She wanted this year’s seniors to know about how the transition from high school to college felt like for those who had done so in a pandemic, and those who did so, but in a less extreme environment.

One of the activities assigned to the alumni was to go around to different senior classrooms and speak about their college experience. Some of the alumni spoke more about their school’s culture. Like making money, and roommates. An alumnus who currently goes to NYU, Gianna S. talked about how she “worked in a restaurant” as a little side job for money, and whether you need it or not, it’s nice to have the experience. The alumni collectively reported that they got asked a lot of questions about the roommate situation at their college, and they recall being very interested in that when they were at EBHS as well. One alumnus who goes to Kutztown, Nick R., shared his experience with a bad roommate, how it changed his college experience, and realized how people were not always going to be all nice to you. He recalled “he would never clean up after himself, which was weird since in his roommate form, he said he was a clean person”, and his advice on getting roommates was to meet with the person and familiarize yourself with them before making sure that you want them as your roommate.

To end the day, the alumni all went to the media center for a couple of closing points and then headed home. As a Junior though, I wasn’t expecting to find anything that would be important for me right now, but some points made by the alumni really opened my eyes. I was amazed by how many alumni were really into talking and sharing details about their lives as college students, and what they can take advantage of as college students. If you’re a Junior now, look forward to hearing from this year’s Seniors in 2024!