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What Do Students Want to Learn in History

Jerseyana: New Jersey As A Culture

December 7, 2022


Each year students learn about the various aspects history has to offer. Students learn about events that fundamentally changed our country’s course of history into what it is today, with the American Revolution and Civil War. Teachers open up students’ minds to the world around them, taking on a bigger task of referencing broader historical topics, events, and themes. Students not only learn about the formation of our country, but the formation of the world that we live in today, and all of the hardships that characterize the countries, continents, and people that live in them. The EBHS historical curriculum is meant to educate students not only on our own country, but countries around them to gain a significant understanding of the world around us and prepare us for our future, where we must face new hardships and experiences to make our way in the world.

The history department offers a wide range of elective courses from Criminal Justice in America to Macroeconomics, to advocate for the many student passions at our school. However, when asked what is one elective course that you would add to the history department, EBHS students had many answers. Students came up with elective courses on religious history, ancient history, sports history, musical history, and continental history. As well as specific courses catering to the ins and outs of the World Wars, historical debates, where students can share and debate opinions on historical events, and even Jerseyana: New Jersey as a culture. This class would not be complete without the classical taylor ham versus pork roll debate, an educational lesson on destructive Jersey drivers, the iconic Jersey Shore, the show and shoreline, as well as New Jersey’s one and only Wawa.

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