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Dream Reflections

As the Dream Scheme comes to an end, here are my final thoughts on how this project came along.

June 21, 2022

When I first started this project, my goal was to chart five of my dreams and see if I could interpret them, and by doing so, also interpret my own subconscious and inner feelings. As I went through this project, I felt frustrated because even though I was describing my dreams to the best of my ability, there was no real way to truly put readers into the mindset of experiencing my dreams. I’m also not the best artist, and it was annoying that my paintings didn’t always reflect what my mind was seeing.
As for actually interpreting my dreams, most of them centered around school and larger school events. As this project gets published, there’s a week until I graduate and only two months until I move out of state. Scientists say that dreams can be more vivid or referential to certain things when going through a large transitional period, so it makes sense that so many of my dreams focused on senior year events. Over the past few weeks, I have definitely become more emotional about high school ending and I think I already knew that I was feeling nostalgic about senior year, but it was definitely interesting to see the bizarre ways in which my brain reflected that.
I also noticed that when I had had a particularly rough, anxiety-inducing, or just simply eventful day, my dreams were a lot more vivid and weird. They were also more strange when I got less sleep than usual, but much harder to remember. When I got a good amount of sleep and woke up feeling refreshed, it was definitely easier to remember moments from my dreams and piece everything together as I jotted points down.

Some tips for remembering your dreams better:
1.Get more sleep

2. Keep a dream journal and write down as many quick things as you can about your dream as soon as you wake up
-More tidbits will come to you as you go
-You can also decorate your journal and make it more fun for yourself!
-If writing stuff down isn’t really your thing, try sketching what you can remember

3. Try keeping a journal for before you sleep as well
-Write short reflections on how your day was and how certain events made you feel
-I journal at least once everyday and not only does it help me process and deal with my emotions a lot better, but when I’m interpreting my dreams, I can clearly see where certain symbols and feelings are coming from

Overall, even if this project didn’t teach me anything super new about myself, I’m still glad I did it and looked at myself through a new lens. As for you, dear reader, I hope you enjoyed going on this dream journey with me. Thank you for reading and tagging along with me- happy dreaming!

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