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Activities that need to be in your To-Do list this Summer

Below are a few tips that can help you plan out your summer and what teachers do when students relax in the Summer.

June 20, 2022


Summer might be hot but with friends it gets cooler and cooler as the day goes by.

In just a few weeks summer is officially here and schools all across the country would be closed for the upcoming 2-month break that students are eager to have since the beginning of the school year. For me, I’ve been waiting for Summer to come since January, and now that the break is just so close I keep thinking to myself what activities I would be doing in Summer. As for other students, we all have the same question about what to do now that we don’t have school anymore. Students are also wondering what teachers do during our summer break. I asked Mrs.Winard, English Teacher here in EBHS, what teachers do now that are not teaching in the classrooms anymore.

Q: What are some activities that you do?


A: So as a teacher here in East Brunswick we have summer special development so I sign up for basically every opportunity to work on some things with my colleagues that we don’t have time for during the year so I’ll be coming down to East Brunswick almost 10 days of the summer and then also just going on vacation with my family for a week and just kind of catching up on things that I don’t get to do during the year

Q: What are your favorite moments in the summer?

A: My birthday is the start of summer so it’s a great way for me to kick off my vacation time. My two boys are born in the summer so we celebrate my birthday and their birthdays and I even got married in the summer so it’s also my anniversary with my husband so we have lots of the celebrations in the summer

Q: What activities that your kids prefer outdoor or indoor?

A: They are too young to really do anything like summer camps, but the school they’re enrolled has a summer camp for them so they get to do all kinds of fun things and have field trips

Q: Do you prefer outdoor or indoor activities?

A: If I have to pick I would say sitting Outdoors reading a book and being able to relax.

Q: Do you like traveling during the summer?

A: I do except since the pandemic we only decided to go local to Long Beach Island down the shore but before that, we would travel all over the place I’ve been to Europe multiple times and hopefully, after things calm down I can start going to travel abroad again

Q: How do you plan your activities during the summer?

A: I plan a vacation or feel like I said before the professional development whatever the days are in a time required to come to work I try to kind of juggle everything around with that and luckily my kids can kind of just go to school the whole summer for their summer camp

Q: Do you still do work in the summer?

A: We do work but we don’t get paid for our work in the summer so it’s basically like everything we do in the summer is just additional, We do get paid to do workshops but anything I’m going to do over the summer in terms of grade-level so I have to read all the books for the curriculum for a new grade level so that’s just kind of a lot of stuff that we do in preparation for the new school year lesson plans and things like that.

For teachers here in EBHS, our Summer vacation doesn’t mean a two-month break from their jobs. Teachers still would have to do work such as workshops in the summer and would plan out what stuff to do for the next school year. Teachers do have some time within the summer around a week to do what they want but overall teachers wouldn’t have much time to do the summer activities that they love.

While teachers don’t have much time,   students are at a halt to what activities they are doing in the summer. In a survey of 30 students, 50% of the students said that going to the beach is their top summer activity. Mya Torres a sophomore here in EBHS says that she is “enjoying myself and relaxing out of the sun. Playing with friends with no mind on homework”. With the weather getting warmer no wonder more and more people are starting to go to the beach to cool themselves off. If you still want other summer activities to check below for my top recommendations for the best activities in the summer.




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