Java and Jams

D-22 was filled with the sounds of music and joy for Coffee House. Tri-M pulled out all the stops with an amazing dessert table complete with complimentary coffee.


Celia Schmeidler

Kaylin Chung, 11, stunned the audience with her performance of Romance by composer Amy Beach.

Celia Schmeidler, Bear Hub Staff

The night of March 30th was a night to remember for students and staff involved in the Tri-M Music Honor Society. For the evening, D-22 was decked out in fairy lights and filled with the sweet smells of homemade desserts and coffee, music filling the air.

Students gathered there for a special Coffee House event. Coffee house gives students involved in the musical arts an opportunity to showcase their individual talents with their peers in a more intimate way that a concert or group performance does not allow. It is a truly beautiful experience, getting to share and listen to the music of others.

Performances ranged from everything to singing, to playing violin, and even playing piano. Pop songs got the audience grooving, and Disney songs enchanted them. Original songs showed off true compositional talent and the sounds of the violin brought a calming wave over the room.

Sophomore Sammy Trechak, who sang a duet with senior Eilam Ben-Zvi to end the night thought that the night was a success “and a great experience for anyone who likes singing or performing.” The night was a hit with all who attended and there is no doubt that future Coffee House events at EBHS will be nothing less than incredible.