Live from EBHS, it’s the Morning News

The in-person morning announcements are back and better than ever.


Celia Schmeidler

“Being behind the scenes has more responsibility but also more experience with video equipment and more choices with graphics and songs, plus, knowing how to do things always feels fun!” – Eilam Ben-Zvi, 12 (From Left: Shriya Yeldandi 11, Frankie Distel 12, Bryanna Grossman 12, Eilam Ben-Zvi 12, Deanna Alnababteh 10, and Mr. Giambrone)

Celia Schmeidler, Bear Hub Staff

After a school year of getting news straight from the bedrooms of our announcers, it is refreshing to see our reporters back and in person for this school year.

The morning announcements have become an almost ritualistic part of every school day. No school day is complete without the fun opening music, the pledge, and the ever iconic “GooooOOOD MORNING, EBHS!”

Frankie Distel, 12, loves getting to work “together as a team and [thinks] it’s really cool to see everything come together as one giant machine.”

The Video Newsmakers are always open to new members who are interested in the news casting process. Eilam Ben-Zvi, 12, popular for his role in the morning news, says that “being an anchor is fun because you can bring so much energy to the mornings of EBHS and be recognized around the school.”