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Student Stirrings: Epilogue

As my quest to search for what makes an excellent newcomer experience came to an end, I learned many things from fellow EBHS students which every student moving in should see.

Making this podcast was quite the endeavor. My original goal was to create a place where students can share their experiences in East Brunswick, but it slowly evolved into a podcast mainly about moving into new towns, specifically EB. This little experiment of mine was a wonderful adventure. Approaching other students, speaking with them about their struggles, and providing a platform for people to share their voices was truly an experience which I will remember when I grow up. However, this begs the question, what did I find out from this little inquiry of mine?

Well, I learned many things. When I first set off making this podcast, I never thought that I would’ve met another person who moved just as much, if not more than me, but I was very wrong. This podcast proved to me that while my journey moving back and forth between Iraq and New Jersey can be relatable to many others, like Jacob from the second episode, who moved numerous times between China and the states, most students have trouble when they first move into a new town, it’s something a lot of people go through.

There’s something more important than my journey however. My intent was to help out new students based on the experiences of older colleagues who have gone through the same struggles, and here were my findings.

A recurring message among the four guests which I brought onto the podcast was to get close with a group of people as soon as you arrive. Jacob and Minatallah lightly touched upon this subject, but it was really Therun and Mohammed who went in depth as to why it helps. If you get close with a group of people, you can get acclimated to the EBHS environment more easily. That group of friends will guide you around the school, they’ll help you with assignments, and most importantly, they’ll keep you good company. Making friends is easier said than done, but if you just act like yourself and don’t stress, you’ll be sure to make plenty of pals.

Another theme which was brought up is to focus on your Academics. As Mohammed said, “East Brunswick is a very competitive school”, so you should make the best out of it. At every hallway turn, East Brunswick High School provides many opportunities for its students. Our EB family is very friendly; we welcome everyone. Every single student, teacher, and staff member is here to ensure you build a strong foundation for a bright future. Don’t waste the opportunities in front of you; join clubs, play sports, enroll in AP classes. You’re here for only four years, so make the best out of it.

Whatever you decide to do when you come into East Brunswick, there’s one thing you should never do, and that is stress yourself. Believe in yourself, with a new school comes many new experiences, and you’ll have lots of fun. You’ll learn lots and make unforgettable high school memories. High school goes by fast, and if you’re too busy overstressing and worrying, you’ll see nothing of the many great aspects of EBHS. And with that, I wish you good luck, newcomer!

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