Stirring The Pot

Stirring The Pot

Hi everyone, my name is Anika Bahirwani, a junior at EBHS. If you know me, my safe space is my kitchen. There’s something relaxing and soothing about spending my free time experimenting with new recipes I see online and sharing them with my friends and family.

Lately, through exploring this interest, my friends and family have shared their love of food with me, introducing me to a world of flavors from various cultures. Trying these foods has sparked a curiosity in me about the origins of these dishes. What influences drive the distinct ingredients and cooking methods across different regions? How do these culinary traditions transcend borders and cultures? How do immigrants adapt their traditional recipes in new environments? What stories lie behind these dishes?

In this series, I aim to answer and delve further into these questions. I will be exploring the way individuals from immigrant families make their cultural foods in the United States. Whether you are someone who comes from a distinct cultural background, or just someone who wants to expand their worldview, join me as we uncover the stories behind the dishes that bring us together and begin to stir the pot.

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