The Marionette

The Marionette

for lovers of politics and pastel bows alike

Do you often find yourself captivated by pop culture? Do you feel as though the power of social media has taken precedence in determining our opinions? In truth, do you desire seeing yourself represented in media? If you said yes to any of these questions, then this collection is for you.

It’s evident that the significance of technology in our lives has now consequently grown larger than ever. As a generation, we’ve revolutionized the way we communicate with each other; from 60 second TikToks to international politics, teenagers now find themselves immersed in almost every discussion. Information regarding each obscure issue seems unlimited, and it feels as though twitter is ablaze with discourse every other second.

Oh, but how rude, I haven’t even introduced myself yet! I’m Kanishka, a senior currently taking Publishers’ Workshop, and in this series of articles I’ll be exploring some niche aspects of pop culture. This collection will reference studies, and feature some special guests. I hope you’re ready, because I am.

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