Terror Tester

Terror Tester

What are you afraid of?

Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca Post, I am a senior here at EBHS. As I approach my graduation, it is my desire to learn more about my peers who walk the hallways with me everyday, and what better way to do it than to ask them my favorite burning question: What is your biggest fear?

It is a question that is so often asked. But the real question is, what causes that fear? In history, fears have often come from experiences and traumas, but is there more to that? With this project, I hope to explore the roots of different fears that students have at EBHS, and see if they are up for the challenge of overcoming them. But what truly is it about a spider or being up on the 300th floor of a tall building that makes a person unable to move because they are so paralyzed with fear?

Fears are also prompted by our interactions with the media, and can even be seen being sought out through this generation’s interest in media like horror movies. What draws people to films like this, and for people like me who are terrified of films like those, what makes us avoid them at all costs? Join me as we try to uncover and overcome all of the intricacies of our fears.

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