The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

Senior Spotlight Volume 3: Wrestling the Business world

February 15, 2023

Despite being on the opposite spectrum of talents, Risa Ferrari and Srikar Srinivasan, exemplify resilience as they talk about their high school years and what they hope to accomplish moving forward.
Super athlete, Risa Ferrari, wipes the floor (literally) slamming her opponents and becoming one of the top wrestlers for girls, whilst competing in track. Picking up wrestling her senior year, Risa admits it is definitely a new challenge compared to her experience with disc throwing, however “wrestling has challenged [her] mentally more than physically” pushing her to show flexibility in various ways. In just her first year, Risa has shined a bright light on women’s wrestling, taking home multiple first place awards, however, the highlights don’t stop here. Moving forward, Risa plans to take on biomedical engineering, focusing on advancing technology and medicine to improve medical health.
On the other hand, Shark Tank may have a new bright light named Srikar. He has already pushed his dreams to reality as he discusses his many patents and businesses that he’s created before finishing his senior year. Although he isn’t a part of an athletic team at EBHS, he takes part in student leadership where he plans to “use the qualities learned in the classroom, in his business and entrepreneurship”. Starting your own business can be risky, fortunately Srikar comes prepared and states his best advice is to “have a backup plan” to take on any challenge, this way the challenge has to be prepared to take on YOU!
On the topic of resilience, Risa discusses her challenges with channeling her emotions throughout high school. Many can condemn high school bringing upon new obstacles, yet, Risa highlights that indifference is extremely important to help “go through emotions of life regardless of what they are and being able to not let certain obstacles get in the way of what you have to accomplish”. In comparison to facing school challenges Srikar emphasizes his love of loyalty and what it means to him. Trust is a key factor in friendships and Srikar appreciates the inner circle he carries because “they don’t lead to drama”.
All in all, these two superstars are on their way to turn a new leaf, creating businesses and patents across the country and helping others by reinventing medicine as we know it today


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