The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

Senior Spotlight Volume 2: The Shy and the Sporty

Two athletic women find their voices.

February 15, 2023

In high school, it is really easy to lose ourselves, either to fit in with friends, impress teachers, and coaches, or just because everything is all too overwhelming. Both senior spotlights, Janiece Cruz and Kathryn Mcsweeney have grown familiar with this feeling throughout their high school years. As a kid, Janiece “liked to hide in the shadows” , too timid to talk in class in fear of becoming the center of attention.

Similarly, Kathryn has dealt with social anxiety her entire life, too shy and nervous to make new friends or meet new people. However, as time went on both Kathryn and Janiece have learnt to come out of their shells and “become more confident and less afraid” of using their voices, says Janiece Cruz. As Janiece nears the end of her high school career, she stresses the importance of staying true to yourself “no matter who comes in

Janiece Cruz

For Kathryn and Janiece, athletics serve as an outlet to express themselves through what they love. This year, Kathryn made the podium, placing first on floor and bars at GMC’s. For Kathryn, gymnastics is a way to express herself that made her feel comfortable with the people around her. However, while Kathryn has spent her whole life becoming the gymnast she is today, she is also a part of the track and

Kathryn Mcsweeney

field team, scoring second place in pole vaulting for the East Brunswick team at GMC’s.

Janiece has been cheering since she was eight years old. Despite the time she ‘busted her behind on her trampoline trying to do a backflip’ cheer has Janiece’s “heart now and forever” she says. Janiece’s passion for cheer and its role in her life has helped her push through the hard times and learn to realize that it is okay to be unique. But being an All Star cheerleader however, is not the only talent Janiece has up her sleeve, she can also do the worm…backwards.

As these two seniors wave their final goodbyes to East Brunswick, Kathryn advises to not “stress over the little things” and just “enjoy life” as she learns to balance her busy schedule and social life. As the world around us becomes increasingly displayed on social media it is important to take a step back and focus on ourselves to achieve our goals. Janiece plans to attend nursing school, inspired to pursue a career in the medical field parallel to her mother’s. Listening to her mother’s “extravagant stories” of her days in the hospital made Janiece want to experience the same thrilling and comforting feeling of helping others. With their journey at EBHS coming to an end, these two girls have found not only their voices, but their passions, which they will continue to pursue as they go out into the world.

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