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Dream 5: June 10th, 2022

June 21, 2022

For this final dream, we travel to Ithaca College in upstate New York, the school I will be attending in fall. I don’t remember the actual plot of this dream; in fact, I can only remember one specific scene.
I was walking to one of my classes (I’m majoring in Journalism, so let’s assume it was some sort of introductory writing course), when all of a sudden I noticed that the other students weren’t humans: they were life-size plastic Barbie dolls functioning as humans. They were writing in notebooks, answering questions and talking to each other, conducting lab experiments, and even participating in athletics outside the building. What was really unsettling was that every single doll looked exactly the same: the stereotypical blond Malibu Barbie doll with the pink dress and pumps.

Now, you might be looking at this piece of art and wondering if I’m really that bad at drawing. The answer is yes, but that’s not why Barbie looks like she was drawn by a kindergartener. In my description, I talk about how dolls can be a symbol of wanting to be someone else and escape from reality. Well, another meaning of dolls can be immaturity or youth. For this last visual interpretation, I wanted to draw my dream the way I would’ve in elementary school, which explains the triangle dress, stringy hair, and line grass.

Obviously, Ithaca College and dolls are the main symbols in this dream. “To dream that a doll comes to life signifies your desires to be someone else and escape from your present problems and responsibilities.” Maybe this dream was reinforcing my excitement to move away from East Brunswick and grow as a person. Or maybe it was reiterating my long-held belief that going to college will solve some of the problems that I’ve dealt with in high school.
I have another theory. On June 10th, I was mainly working on two things after school: housing applications for Ithaca and a Barbie-themed escape room for my final project for AP Statistics. I think it’s clear to see how the events of the day influenced my dream.
One thing I’ve learned from this project is that sometimes dreams are just dreams, and there doesn’t always have to be a deep meaning to them.

And now that I’m finished reflecting on my dreams, head on over to the last chapter of the Dream Scheme where I provide some tips on how I helped myself remember my dreams in more detail and some final thoughts.

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