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Rebecca Post

Elisabeth Post, 10, and Layla Sheikh, 10, laugh at a funny story about her cat that Veronica Losada, 10, tells them during their lunch period.

Lunchtime Chats

In school lunch brings back missed conversations with friends.

November 10, 2021

“Have you guys seen the new movie Dune that just came out?” Layla Sheikh eagerly asks her friends as they sit down to eat lunch. She’s been waiting to talk to them all day and is excited to have this break in her schedule to talk to her friends.

Sophomore’s Elisabeth Post, Veronica Losada, and Layla Sheikh all have lunch together on B-days. Because of virtual learning, they have been eating alone at their homes for the past year and a half. However, this year in-person school is back in session and so is lunchtime with friends.

It was hard last year because I had to eat lunch alone everyday and I’ve missed being able to spend that time talking with my friends.

— Elisabeth Post

Layla Sheikh was especially excited to return to school for the sole reason of having her lunch period with friends. She explained after a long year of having lunch alone how “it’s nice to be able to have a break during the day and have real and in-person conversations with my friends.”

The girls share stories about what crazy things happened to them that day, which is something they weren’t able to do when having virtual school. Layla shares a story about her hectic morning that began with her bus driving off without her.

After not being able to talk to friends during lunch for over a year, Layla along with other students are definitely thrilled to be back in the school and having great conversations with their friends.

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