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Cheesy Garlic Bread

This garlic bread is sure to leave your mouth watering and wanting for more.

May 4, 2021


Whether you’re making something for Iftar or you’re looking for a quick snack, these cheesy garlic bread slices are the way to go! Keep scrolling for a recipe that only takes 15-20 minutes to make and results in a warm, savory dish.

How can you even resist?

– 1 Baguette loaf
– 1 stick butter (room temperature)
– 2-3 tbsp parsley
– 2-3 tbsp garlic cloves
– 1 tbsp chives
– Shredded mozzarella

1. Combine all ingredients (except baguette and mozzarella) in a bowl and mash together until fully combined
2. Cut baguette bread into slices, spread butter onto slices, and sprinkle mozzarella onto each slice.
3. Broil in the oven at 350 degrees F. Keep a watch on the bread to see if the cheese is melted. Once the cheese is melted enough to your liking, take the bread out of the oven.
4. Serve while hot and enjoy!

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