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Stress Less with Healthy Coping Methods

By distributing a multiple choice survey to 62 people, some light was shed on how students at EBHS deal with stress. If you're ever feeling under pressure, maybe try out some of these stress outlets.

March 18, 2021

The toils and troubles of everyday student life can be too much for us at times. Work piles up, or we’ve got upcoming exams, or maybe we just feel a bit down. It is crucial to find some healthy ways to relieve our stress. 60 EBHS students that Bear Hub surveyed found some interesting ways to cope with stress.

Fifteen students felt that partaking in hobbies was the best way to cool off. In fact, many students would go to activities that demonstrate their artistic ability such as canvas painting. Some mentioned how they enjoy sketching as it lets them express themselves in abstract ways.

Others take refuge in the serenity of the musical world. EBHS has a large number of people enrolled in music courses, so naturally they go to their instruments to relieve their stress. Swecha Agarwal, 10, finds that “playing the piano takes my mind off of my responsibilities.” For those who couldn’t play instruments, listening to music was their alternative. In all, 8 people mentioned that they use Spotify specifically to find new artists and enjoy their tunes. Among the top genres that people listened to were K-Pop, rap, and lo-fi.

A third of the vote went to video games, shows, and movies. Akshat Singh, 11, states that he “chose video games because there are a variety of options to choose from.” Some of the top games that people listed were Rocket League, Valorant, and Halo. However, it’s important to remember to limit screen time, especially when we’re stuck inside. It can be very appealing to binge-watch Netflix shows or scroll away on TikTok, but we must fight that urge.

As we continue working hard through this year, we need to be sure to take breaks and give ourselves some breathing room. Stress will give even the brightest of students a scourge of burnout. If we remember to maintain healthy stress outlets, then we can increase our productivity and happiness.

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