The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School


February 25, 2021


Hopefully, your quiz results were eye-opening. If they took a turn for the worse, yikes! We’ve only just begun the second semester–this isn’t real senioritis yet. It isn’t too late to turn things around, though. Check the tips below to learn how!

You can’t take a nine-hour “nap” without checking off everything on this list.

Make a to-do list.

By making a concrete list, you won’t be able to leave everything unchecked or unfinished. You can use paper, Post-Its, or an app like Reminders.

Sync the school calendar to your phone.

This way, you’ll never forget what periods we have each day! Block scheduling is confusing, but now is the time to get used to it. Check out this video to learn how (requires EB login).

Set up alarms (for both waking up and going to sleep).

Getting to bed at a reasonable hour can help you stay healthy and be refreshed for the days ahead. It also prevents you from oversleeping and keeps you on schedule.

Reach out to your teachers and counselors.

They’re here to help you! If you’re struggling in a class, your teachers and counselors can arrange for extra help or peer tutoring. If you need help, head to School Counseling’s virtual office here.

Stop scrolling through memes on Instagram!

It serves no valuable purpose besides wasting time. Social media is great, but we can get carried away at times. Plus, you still have all that homework to do!

Once senioritis kicks in come May, Bear Hub will have some more tips. But for now, stop reading this and go study!


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