Eleven Players, One Heartbeat

“Set Hike!”


Shivani Ghatak

The boys get ready to run a play during practice.

Sam Fox, Bear Hub Staff

As we enter mid October, the Bears football team looks forward to their final stretch of games before the off season.

Shivani Ghatak
Alex Bogomolny, 12, poses with a football after a long 3 hour practice.

Although the wind was blowing so hard making it a difficult task to catch a ball, the team gathered up at the Stadium at approximately 2:30.   The boys are set on the line, getting ready to run a practice play.

The strength and conditioning this team does is unbelievable. Whether its running routes or practicing tackling, you’ll never see a player slacking.

Alex Bogomolny, 12, stated “We want to show our fellow classmates that we are a team this year.”  When they huddle up and do their chants, you can just tell their bond cannot be broken.