Senior Stress: It’s Normal

Senior year is one of the most stressful years of high school. From getting into the learning mode after summer fun, juggling classes, friends, family, jobs, activities, and college applications, many seniors are trying very hard to keep their inner balance.


Shivani Ghatak

Bella Pereira, 12, pushes through her senior stress as she works to be free of her senior workload.

Shivani Ghatak, Bear Hub Staff

Bella Pereira, 12, works diligently to complete her college applications through Common App.

Now, as we go through the month of October, senior stress starts to kick in as the workload starts to pile up. The mind of a senior is constantly spinning, screaming out deadlines and they feel forever trapped. “It’s.. it’s.. It’s terrible,” senior, Arjun Deepak exclaims. “All my classes are so much work, and on top of that I have college applications. On top of that, I have to keep up with all the extracurriculars I’ve been doing this whole time throughout high school, and I have to finish all this stuff in the Common App. I have to create a coalition account too because Rutgers doesn’t even accept the Common Application for some reason, and I have to type in all my grades.” It’s a frustrating experience and so many seniors are going through all this right now too.

While some seniors are stressed out by their workload, others are able to keep their cool through it all. Senior, Sam Fox, says that “It’s a breeze. I say forget college, party, and do whatever you want. No, I’m kidding, don’t do that.” Sam proceeds to share that he truly cares about his future, but he says senior stress doesn’t help when it comes to getting things done, and he’s working on everything step by step.

Bella Pereira, 12, focuses on only herself and her work. With a tight grip on her pencil, Bella drives towards success.

Senior, Bella Pereira, says “Senior year is stressful because we have to get applications done while managing everything else going on.  It’s important to do all your work and do the best you can, but you need to remember it’s important to have fun and enjoy yourself as well.” Bella believes that teachers and counselors are very helpful in assisting seniors with all their deadlines and the road to college life.

Overall, senior year brings forth a lot of stress, but despite it all it will be a year filled with memories that will last forever (at least once we make it to May).