Auditioning for the Drama Club Play

Six months ago, the East Brunswick High School Drama Club took its final bows of their production of ​The Music Man​. On September 25, the Drama Club is back with auditions for the fall play, ​The Short Plays of David Ives​. Nearly fifty students have been memorizing their monologue and preparing in hopes of making the cast of around twenty-five.

Emily Razak, EBHS Junior

The final bell marks the start of auditions and students flood into D7, the chorus room, anxiously waiting to perform for the panel. The auditionees pace around the room, quietly recite their monologues to themselves or act them out for a friend. Every single person in the room wants their spot and yet, it’s still a friendly atmosphere. When a name is called, ​​the other students waiting with them shout their praises and best wishes. Seasoned veterans give quick pep talks to first-timers, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the nerves too. Nothing is certain, no matter how many shows someone has done.

The side door to the auditorium bursts open after every audition. Either a relieved, excited face comes through it or a displeased one. Fellow auditionees offer support while cheering on the next person.  Slowly, the crowd of students loaded into D7 turns into a small batch yet to audition. Then, the final audition comes to a close at 6pm. Although the auditions are over and the students are breathing out heavy sighs of relief that it’s over, the panel has some tough choices to make.

While they stay in school until the decision is final, the cast hopefuls must wait for fifth period the next day to know if they made the list.  Less than twenty-four hours after auditions wrap up, the cast of ​The Short Plays of David Ives ​will be announced on a paper stapled to the Drama Club bulletin board.  For those who do not make the competitive casting, they are encouraged to join as crew members and to audition for the spring musical, ​Guys & Dolls ​or next year’s fall play. Of course, all are welcome to come see the show in November!