Leaving Our Paw Print on EBHS

“It’s our senior year; so making this year memorable and fun is the goal.” -Clara DeGuerre, Grade 12, Student Council Secretary


Caroline Serpico

Various members of Student Council get together to film a short video, creatively showcasing all the interesting themes the upcoming spirit week has to offer. While hard at work promoting the event, the team of students never ceased to have fun in the process; as seen in the photo, they remain positive and bonded by their dedication to EBHS. (Left to Right – Jackie Gerace, 11; Joy Elasmar, 12; Audrey Shelley, 12; Ahmed El Shamma, 11; Marco Landeo, 11; Isaiah Almero, 12.)

Caroline Serpico, Bear Hub Staff

From Mr. EBHS to prom, it is no doubt that EBHS exerts a great effort to make senior year as fun and engaging for its soon-to-be graduates as possible. These classic school-based events have become the staple right of passages for senior year, and continue to leave a legacy with each passing grade. With the legendary reputation they have gained, there is much intrigue to take a peek behind the curtain, and understand the goals of those planning and executing these events.

The people responsible for the carefully designed events are the dedicated and hardworking students running the 2020 Class Council and Student Council. Though both organizations seek to provide fun and engaging opportunities for seniors of EBHS, it is questioned how the two differ on their responsibilities, and how each affects the experience of the individual student. 

EBHS Student Council aims to uphold and increase school spirit through various in-school activities; some of the most well known being spirit week, and the pumpkin decorating contest. EBHS Senior and Student Council Secretary, Clara Deguerre states her goal for the organization, specifically pertaining to seniors; “I want to give the class of 2020 as many opportunities as possible to participate in school events, and encourage them to do it. It’s our senior year, so making this year memorable and fun is the goal.” With 2020 being the last year for many in EBHS, actively partaking in school spirit is valued by student council, in an effort to make lasting memories on the personal lives of students. 

Caroline Serpico
Ahmed El Shamma, 12, enthusiastically slides into L-hall, while Joy Elasmar, 12, records the message to promote the themes for EBHS’ upcoming spirit week. Shamma, along with Marco Landeo, 12, broadcast the message to sophomores to show their school spirit by wearing white.

Working to make senior year a memorable year alongside those of the Student Council, is the Class Council of 2020. The board represents the seniors of East Brunswick High School, their main duty being to handle planning, fundraising, and promoting senior prom. In addition to senior prom, class council is also responsible for hosting large events that take place outside of school, like homecoming and Mr. EBHS. Senior and Vice President of Student Council, Milindi Shah, describes while student council is more focused on brightening the day to day experience of EBHS seniors, Class Council’s “ultimate goal is to create events that bring the senior class together.” Senior and Class Council Director of Public Relations, Maggie Goldberg, says it best: “[I want to] make a meaningful impact on the legacy we will leave no matter what form that comes in.”

Caroline Serpico
The eye-catching 2020 Class Council bulletin board features the dedicated senior executive board, alongside promotion for spirit wear and recruitment. As Kylie Boen, 12, describes, Class Council wishes to communicate one of their main goals for this year: “[We want to] make sure senior events are as fun, or even more fun than the previous year, and get lots of seniors get involved.”

Differing responsibilities aside, both councils strive to make EBHS a better place where entertainment and fun can stand alongside academics. These organizations prove to be key components to the inner-workings of EBHS, bringing together the most enthusiastic and dedicated leaders of the student body to build a positive, enriching school environment; with the work of these student organizations, seniors will be able to effectively leave their paw print on the walls of EBHS.