The Elements of Homecoming !


Quinn Salazar ( senior) posing with the crowns made by the Humanities students.

Jordan Hamilton, Bear Hub Staff

It’s Homecoming season, and the pressure is high for Student Council this year. Perhaps last year’s COVID-19 restricted dance is to blame. According to Cassandra Gumayan, an EBHS senior, so was the weather. She says, “at last year’s homecoming it was cold and it was really hard to walk in heels on the turf.” While the student council can’t control a global pandemic or unpredictable weather system, like true bears, they’ve welcomed the challenge and met us with excellence for this year’s dance.

Air, fire, Earth, and water are major elements essential to life. Like the elements, the students at East Brunswick high school are all different, yet they work together to make their school great. This year, the student council has made those elements the key ingredients in creating a Homecoming dance that students at EBHS are excited for.

Students are hoping to hear music by artists like Bad Bunny, Olivia Rodrigo, Pop Smoke, and more! While the student body narrows down what trendy attire to wear , and settles on their dates for the night, our student council has been putting in countless hours to make sure that this dance is memorable. Even the senior Humanities class has been pitching in. They’ve dedicated an entire block to creating the homecoming crowns for the royal court!

Whether it’s the bumping jams, awesome theme, or the rad crowns, this homecoming dance is bound to be one for the books!