Diversity behind the Wins


Junior Anna Sawicki plays right midfield during field hockey’s big game against South Plainfield

Melissa Keenan, Bear Hub Staff

With a big game ahead of them against their biggest rivals, excitement and laughter fill the room at the girl’s soccer team’s pasta party. Senior Maia De La Cruz is multitasking as she makes conversation while working on her sketch for AP art. It’s not just Maia with great talent outside of athletics, many other teams have athletes who also excel in arts and music. With their busy schedules, athletes are constantly multitasking to keep up with academics, clubs, and personal interests. While their athletic achievements take center stage, EB athletes’ wide range of talent is what makes East Brunswick unique.

Kicking off the season in the best way possible, girls soccer, tennis, and gymnastics all have undefeated records. The strength of the athletics program is depicted from these constant wins. Athletics is notably taken seriously here at the highschool, as well as the athletes focus on getting a diverse education. Sophomore Grace Smutko explains the importance of playing both field hockey and the flute as “they are both crucial parts of [her] well being”. With both arts and sports holding a special place in many hearts, students are forced to make tight schedules work in order to explore their interests. These restless schedules are clearly no match for the
students as wins keep rolling in early on in the school year.