Fall Calender & Summer Sun


Rabia Mansoor, Bear Hub Staff

Summer lingered for a little longer when students walked into the school hallways on September 13, a full week after school had officially opened up for the Fall. Sweat drenched the students despite the official start of Autumn. Students in tank tops, shorts, and sandals were left to wonder: where is sweater weather?

Gym teachers have even confirmed that there will be an increase in outdoor activities due to the hot weather, “We’re gonna take advantage of the nice weather,” said Mr. Motususky. He stated that there are even plans to hold the first fitness day on the turf field. The outdoor activities let the students wring the last of the warm weather out before sweater weather truly begins.

When polling three random homerooms, results showed that 54% of students like the fall more, and 46% like the summer more. The highest pro-fall votes came from seniors, who said “fall is the best season for sports” (Ziad Burghli, senior), while the highest pro-summer votes came from sophomores, who argued that “fall means that school is due to start again,”(Caitlin Schenk, history teacher).

“I don’t usually like the heat. I’d rather wear hoodies and sweatpants to school than shorts, because of the heat” Junior Sarah Martinez said when asked about her opinions on the hot weather. If the summer sun will really stick around for as long as students suspect, there is a chance that more people might run into issues with the dress code. Students at Churchill Jr. Highschool already are already seeing strict enforcement of the dress code. What will become of the students at EBHS with inconsistent air conditioning?