EBHS: Complete(ly serious) Prom Review

A once in a lifetime experience, senior year prom is a night of glamour, romance, celebration, and definitely not tripping all over dresses. After all, there’s nothing more breathtaking than the view of the sexy highway and sweaty teenagers piling into cars on their way to Pines Manor. Prom is definitely worth the hype and money, but keep reading to see just how otherworldly and deserving the experience was personally.

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

Pre-prom: 4/5 fist bumps

An unfortunate humid and rainy day, I woke up feeling less prom and more glum. It was also the type of day that makes some people’s hair just frizz all over. We were praying to all the weather gods that the ground wouldn’t still be wet by the time we went to take photos at Rutgers Gardens. Thankfully, the weather cleared up by the afternoon so a few points were added back. The area was quite nice and the group got some pretty good photos and candids with the flora. “Everyone looked so good because the garden showed their inner beauty. There was a spot with a color scheme that fit everyone’s dress” gushed Kapila Mane, 12. Another popular pre-prom destination was Raritan Bay, which also offered pretty cool scenery.

Entry: 2/5 fist bumps

We were greeted by a short stubby building that looked more like a casual restaurant than a fancy manor, after a totally romantic car ride during which the most exciting thing that happened was hair getting in my face. A redeeming quality was the fancy interior and the photographer taking a picture of every group of people who walked in.

Music: 2/5 fist bumps

The jury has concluded that the dj left more to be desired. “They started good songs and then was like no, stopped randomly, and played “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley… So we got rick rolled at prom. Jack Farber rapping though was kinda fire not gonna lie. Lil Farb.” said Chris Shih, 12. Despite this, I’m sure most people enjoyed dancing with their friends and dates.

Food: 3 fist bumps

Pasta, chicken, and steak were the most popular options. The chicken felt like it could’ve slapped if only it had a bit more taste, while the steak proved a crowd-pleaser due to its tenderness. The pasta which I chose, was deliciously creamy and the portions were generous. I was unable to finish mine, but then again I ate my friends’ meals before that since our table’s food seemed like it was never going to come.

Aesthetics (Decorations and fashion): 5 fist bumps

The starry night theme was a lovely pick. The lighting was fun and each table had beautiful crescent moon centerpieces and other cute decorations. Each person was also given a starry treat bag filled with candy. This was probably the nicest part about prom in my humble opinion.
Everyone’s prom dresses were dazzling and showed personality. This year, brightly colored dresses seemed notably trendy, as many people came in neon colors like hot pink which energized the room. Otherwise, people flocked in sporting classic color choices like blue or red.

On a more serious note, prom had its ups and downs, but it was overall an unforgettable night to spend with friends while looking great. Just keep in mind that you’d probably spend a good chunk of your time waiting in line at photo booths to get cute pictures with your friends. I would recommend you not miss out on the fun experience!