Bowling: Pin Down a Win

Grab some friends, snacks, rubber shoes, and head down to the lane– and you can enjoy bowling as a casual weekend activity. Beneath the surface however, it is ruthless, challenging, and wholly deserves its title as a sport.


Jayashree Balaraman 12 grabs a ball from the ball return machine and prepares to bowl next.

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

Besides having incredible leg strength, balance, and control, a good bowler needs “the ability to stay calm in stressful and pressuring situations, or the ability to keep their teammates positive when things are not going our way in the match,” says Coach Brehm. She’s proud that this year the team has done all that and made major accomplishments. The girls’ bowling team was on a roll this season– winning the GMC Tournament, as well as the NJSIAA North II Sectional. Meanwhile, the boys’ bowling team made it to the semifinals of the GMC Teams and the State Finals, with Kevin Micmillion, 11, shooting a perfect 300 game. The highlight of the season, Mackenzie Keane, 12, was named Girl’s Bowler of the Year again for winning both the NJSIAA State Individual Championships and the GMC Individual Tournament for the third time.

However the most challenging thing for the members isn’t the pressure or the practice needed to win the game. Instead, “The most challenging thing for me is that I have to leave the team. Both of my older brothers were on the bowling team, so I have been invested in the team since I was around 9 years old. I love everything about it and it’s going to be hard once I graduate” says Owen Shamim, 12. Understandably so, since as a small team, the members have stuck together through thick and thin, cheered each other on through each loss and win.

The girls bowling team watching the scores anxiously, and excitedly waiting for their turn to bowl.

Jayashree Balaraman, 12, musters all her leg and arm power to launch the ball down the lane to a win.

Jeremy Leventhal, 10, bowls with great concentration, as he knows every pin is important to his team’s win.