Lady Bears Basketball Dance

The 2021-2022 Lady Bears Basketball team season highlights.


Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

This year, the EBHS girls basketball team flourished as senior star players got the chance to shine. One of those players was senior Samantha Lederman, the captain of the girls’ basketball team. Samantha lead her team to a winning record of 17-9 this season while dropping 8.88ppg (points per game). Because of her stats and leadership, she was selected to play in the GMC All-Star Game, to add to her legacy.

Her co-star, senior Rebecca Perez, helped the lady bears get the winning record with her incredible performance on the defensive side. Rebecca rallied up 75 steals during the season allowing, junior Tamea El to take control on the offensive side as she sank 262 points in the season. Both Tamea and Samantha were honorable mentions for All-Around teams though, Rebecca was named to third team all area.

Even though the lady bears didn’t get the GMC Championship, they look to bounce back next year with their new captain, junior Nicole Motusesky. Rebecca gave her thoughts about the team’s future saying, “I believe in these girls and I know what they’re capable of. This team will be better and get the GMC Championship if the chemistry keeps improving.” With the future bright for the lady bears, there is no limit for them going forward.