How to Write for Bear Hub

Use this page to review submission requirements and submit your stories and photos.


Mrs. Soder, Publisher's Workshop Teacher

If you are interested in writing for the Hub, please read the following carefully.  We love student contributions, but we do need to stay organized and protect everyone’s privacy.  Following the protocols below will give your submission the best chance of earning publication.  Good luck, and we look forward to reading your story!

Story Requirements:

  • 200-600 words (typically)
  • Error-free
  • Optimistic / Non-controversial
  • Local to EBHS
  • Include an original photo, or we may provide one.  Do not use google images etc as we often do not have the rights to publish those photographs.

Submission Protocol:

  1. CREATE: Write, revise, and carefully proofread your story and/or edit photos if needed.
  2. CONSENT: Check with people who you quote or photograph to make sure they’re ok with it! Provide Bear Hub with the first and last name and grade of any students who choose to be included in your article.
  3. SUBMIT: Submit your article and photos to your teacher for approval.  If your teacher approves, she or he should then forward the story to [email protected].  Follow up in person with a teacher or member of Publisher’s Workshop.
  4. WAIT: Watch the Hub for your story! (At the end of the year, your story may also appear in the Yearbook!)
Bearhub may proofread or edit your writing/photos, publish unedited submissions, or deny error-laden  or unusable submissions.
Please provide time-sensitive submissions to us at least one week before required publication to help facilitate punctual publication.  If you have an urgent submission, please notify us in person at Publisher’s Workshop period 12 so that we can attempt to prioritize publication.
If you have a potentially controversial story idea, obtain in-person approval on your topic before writing.
Bear Hub does not guarantee publication of any submission nor does it guarantee any timeline for publishing of submissions. If your submission is denied publication in whole or in part, Bear Hub may or may not inform you as to why depending on how busy our newsroom is.  You may always check with us in person for more details regarding story publication or denial.