What Flavor of Bubble Tea are You?

Imagine you’re in a bustling cafe, clutching a refreshing, sweet, and instagram-worthy cup of bubble tea in your hands. “Oh my god, this milk tea reminds me of myself,” says no one ever… But if you’re even just a tiny bit curious, you’re about to find out what your spirit boba is.


Heidi So

Close friends Heidi So 12, Weilin Chu 12, with photobombing Nicolas Vinco 12 enjoying the boba flavors they love together in Lotte Market.

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

1) Are you romantic, wholesome, and extroverted? Do you dress in a cute style? Then you’re aesthetic strawberry bubble tea.

2) If you are down to earth, trustworthy, supportive, and reserved, then you are taro bubble tea.

3) If you’re creative and like getting out of your comfort zone, then you might be a playful mix of passion fruit and mango boba.

4) If you’re blunt, like memes and have a questionable sense of humor, then chocolate is the flavor for you.

5) If you’re mature, hardworking and like helping people, then you’re reliable green tea bubble tea.

6) If you’re not what it seems, and should not be underestimated before you open up, you’re lychee.

7) “I’m not like the other girls and guys”; if you’re quirky like that, then you’re that Domino’s boba tea pizza trend in Taiwan.

8) If you feel average and like going with the flow, then you’re plain milk tea… But hey, there’s nothing wrong with going for the original.

“As much as I am intrigued by pizza bubble tea, the boba spirits (and 5,000 years of tea-filled heritage, probably) are calling me to embrace my inner taro,” says Heidi So 12, when asked about her bobasona. If any of these descriptions seem like you, then congrats; you’ve just found your bobasona.