Backstage: Fun Ways to Get Involved with Drama Club

Go behind the scenes with the hidden heroes of drama club. You never know what new passions you may discover.


Abi Pun, 11

“Techies,” Abi Pun, 11, Josh Webber, 12, Melinda Kirshner, 12, Maiah Correa, 11, and Krista Luongo, 12, are a tighly knit group who work tirelessly to make sure each performance runs smoothly.

Celia Schmeidler, Bear Hub Staff

Winter break is a time to celebrate and relax. But as everyone else is dialing down, the drama club musical is just getting started.

Auditions for the musical ended on December 21st, with the cast list coming out only a day before the start of break. For everyone casted, this means the start of a long, but exciting process of rehearsals before the show opens on March 10th.

But fear not, there are many ways to participate in the musical even without having been casted.
Joining Tech or the Stage crew is a great way to get involved behind the scenes and meet some awesome people in the process.

“To me, the diversity of drama club is what makes it so truly special,. The Myriad of interests, perspectives and backgrounds reflected in Drama Club is unlike any other. Some people are interested in acting, others in painting, others in tech. Regardless of your skillset, there is undoubtedly a place for you in Drama Club””

— Josh Webber, 12

The Stage crew gets started right away, working out schedules and helping as much as they can during set-builds. They are certainly a busy group. Even with so much on their plates, the stage crew and stage managers go out of their way to make sure everyone is ready, feels comfortable, and is included.

The Tech crew starts working hard a bit later in the process to make sure that all of the lighting cues are ready before show night. They are the people who make the actors on stage look so amazing. Head of tech Josh Webber, 12, enjoys having “the freedom to create. We can create looks with lights and set moods with sounds. Something that is not possible as an actor.” Using cool effects and colors to light up the high school stage, this group plays a big part in each and every production here at the high school.

“Much of what a techie does is problem solving. There are always technical problems that need to be solved. So if you’re creative and enjoy problem solving then you should definitely consider tech.” – Josh Webber, 12

Additionally, everyone is welcome to the set-builds that Drama Club holds each Saturday morning. Helping out with the creation of the set is super fun and incredibly rewarding. Something about seeing your own work on the stage is incredible. So if you like using your hands to build, paint, and create, you should definitely come up to the high school whenever you’re free.

Drama Club is a special and safe place for anyone interested. Josh is a firm believer that “Regardless of your skill set, there is undoubtedly a place for you in Drama Club.