On A Roll!

Student here at EBHS are on a roll!


Raul Martinez

Satvika Mandal, 12, is proud she can go home and show her parents her latest honor roll certificate.

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

It’s always amazing when a student achieves honors roll here at EBHS. Whether it’s silver or gold students are always proud when they go back to their house with an honor roll certificate. Senior Sativka Mandala shared her opinions on getting the certificate saying, “Every time I get honor roll, I get overjoyed since it proves that I worked hard to get my grades.” The certificate is not an easy award to accomplish since you have to finish with a B minus or higher in every class for the silver honor roll.

Though there are some students who go above and beyond such as senior Rahul Gopu, who go for gold honor which requires at least an A-minus or higher in every class. Rahul explained why the gold honor roll is such a big deal by saying, “It’s really a great certificate to receive since you can put it on your applications and show colleges that you are a student that excels in academics.”

The honor roll is truly an amazing award for students to receive during their high school careers. Very rarely do students complete each marking period in their high school with an honor roll certificate. Whether students want the certificate for applications or to prove they worked hard, they all go with their head up high seeking the next honor roll.