Bubbling With Excitement for Boba House

Give your life some flavor by drinking boba at Asian Club’s Bubble Tea House this week!



The Co-Vice President and Secretary Julie Kim, 11, and Rachel Kam, 11, in front of their cute Bubble Tea House advertisement, proud that the executive board’s planning for the event is finally done.

No time is not a good time for boba: the fun, widely popular Taiwanese tea drink flavored with milk and fruit, accompanied by chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom.

Lucky for you, Asian Club is bringing the tasty drink and boba spirit right to our school at their Bubble Tea House Event on December 10th. If boba isn’t your thing though, no worries as there’s also pizza available, as well as student performers showing off a variety of skills like singing and instrument playing for all to watch. For those with a competitive nature, there’s even a ramen eating contest to participate in!

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this fun night, especially after all the prep the executive board has been doing to make it as exciting as it could be.

President Shelby Han 12 says “This year we decided to add a random Kpop dance play at the end of our Bubble Tea House so that Kpop lovers can have fun and dance! It was a very long and exciting process planning for this event.” The Asian Club team is really popping off and putting in their all to make the large club entertaining and unique.

Looking forward to Bubble Tea House, Andrew Kim 12, Jeremy Leventhal 10, Weilin Chu 12, Jared Feiner 11, Joshua Jeong 11, Roger Xiao 11, Eddie Cho 11, Ryan Lee 12, Kevin Berkis 11, Sabrina Huang 12 would all agree that although tasty alone, boba is just so much better with friends.
(Sylvia Chan)