Love Fool: A Look Into EBHS’s Fall Play

‘As You Like It’, a steampunk anime comedy, was a unique experience for all who watched it.

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

This year EBHS Drama Club performed one of Shakespeare’s best comedies, As You Like It. The play is set mainly in the forest of Arden, where multiple characters try to find their true love. Directed by Mr. Davis, and put on by a fabulous production crew and cast, the play turned out to be a huge success.

One hidden- but crucial- part of putting on a show is the production crew. The production crew helps setting up, dismantling, removing, and maintaining music and theatrical production equipment for stage performance. Senior Anna Sevumyants, Head Master Carpenter, points out that the crew also has to get along as one.
She told the Hub: “What makes our crew so special is that we are very close like a family. We look out for one another and help each other out with various things whenever someone needs help”. With the strong chemistry of the crew, everyone’s job becomes easier, helping the play to become the best it can be.

With the help of the production crew, the cast can feel as if they are actually the character. To be the character, you first must understand the character.

Senior Marco DeBellis plays his character, Orlando, perfectly.
When asked about his character, Marco gave us a deep description: “My character is courageous, yet overthrown when it comes to love. His jovial spirit is compromised by familial advert but he remains valiant nonetheless”.

Overall, As You Like It was a triumphant display of EBHS’s talent and pizazz. Stay in tune for the Drama Club’s spring musical, where they will be sure to wow us all again.