Back to EBHS After 17 Months at Home


William Lydon, 12, was shocked to meet his former math teacher Mrs. Canonaco who is also his current math teacher in EBHS.

Derek Maniquiz, Bear Hub Staff

Being stuck at home last year is an experience that no students here in EBHS will ever forget. Having to do everything on the computer, with no physical interaction was exhausting, and for some lasted almost a year and a half. Now that the vaccine is out, students are starting to go back to school, test on paper, meet students and teachers mask to mask, and meet back with friends.

During the pandemic many parents were skeptical if their children were safe going to school, and so they elected to remain virtual for the full 2020-2021 school year. Because of all the virtual learning, many of the students in the school never had the chance to meet their teachers and classmates until now.

William Lydon, a senior in EBHS is enjoying being back and meeting with familiar people: ”It is really nice to also be having face to face conversations with people again and I feel like I’m really connecting more with others than I ever did during the virtual year. Seeing my teachers that I had last year usually is really cool. I usually try to say hi to them in the hallways and ask how they have been if I formed a close relationship with them during the virtual year.”

While it’s a weird feeling being with friends and meeting with teachers that you have never met physically before, we all missed each other and are glad to be truly back together again.