Let’s Get Physical

As elementary school graduates, many students mourn the loss of recess. It is hard not to miss the fun of trying to swing the highest, showing off on the monkey bars, or sliding down a twisty slide with friends; but gym class is undervalued as an alternative. Indoor and outdoor activities are available for students to participate and have fun with friends all school year round.


Mrs. Mangino

BFFFS! (Best Fitness Friends Forever) The ladies of the Phys Ed Department dazzle in their beautiful dresses at homecoming 2019. In order from left: Mrs. Shuster, Mrs. Mangino, Mrs. Rutz, Mrs. Tackas, and Mrs. Gnatt.

The Phys Ed staff besties being silly and enjoying the festivities of the 2019 homecoming pep-rally. In order from left: Ms. Barbato, Ms. McQuade, Mr. Carney, Mrs. Gnatt, and Mr. Portera.


With block scheduling there is “So much more time to really teach skills and have the opportunity to have the students implement them.. In addition, Same students each class period.. No more lab days and varied numbers.. More consistency and fitness everyday will help strengthen the students cardiovascular system.””

— Mrs. Mangino

There is a particular energy as students walk around the gymnasium during the start of each gym period. Sneakers squeak against the waxed, wooden floors, there are echoes of feet shuffling, friends laughing, and countless conversations filling the air. Drained from the hum drum of academic classes, students look forward to branching off and participating in numerous activities: football, basketball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, badminton, tennis, pickleball, frisbee, yoga, dance etc.

The Physical Education Department provides students with a unique opportunity to release energy and socialize as well as learn. It is a crucial break from sitting at desks, constant note taking, and electronics.

Additionally, with the implementation of block scheduling, there has never been more time available to get up and move during class. Mrs. Mangino is happy to have “much more time to really teach skills and have the opportunity to have the students implement them.” New warm-up activities such as floor tag and dynamic stretching have been added into the curriculum. Full games of football, ultimate frisbee, and more can be completed within the time allotted.

The Phys Ed Staff is a close-knit group who are excited to see students back in person and help them learn and move as much as possible as the school year goes on. Gym is a great way for students to get some exercise in as well as have fun with friends all school year long.