It’s Not Rocket Science…

Throw on your goggles, roll up your sleeves, and tie back your hair because we’re heading back to the lab.


Mrs. Barton and Mr. Pike work with students in chemistry class to measure mass during the measurement lab.

Filled with new experiences and discoveries, science is one of the most beloved subjects at EBHS. Science classes require students to be able to participate in hands-on learning and are filled with lots of questions and analysis. Students get to take a wide variety of classes like chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science and more.

However, for the past two years science classes have been a little different than what we’re used to. Since all classes were online, it was difficult for students to experience that same hands-on learning and experimenting process. But for the 2021-22 school year, everyone’s back and ready to learn in person again.

I’ve been enjoying environmental science! There is so much to explore, and I feel like we’re able to always focus on exciting aspects of each topics to get students interested.”

— Mr. Herbert when asked about his favorite course to teach

Chemistry teacher Mrs. Liyanage talked about how excited she was to be doing labs in person again: “I love seeing my students doing real experiments and lab activities. I got tired of virtual labs!” Mr. Herbert, an environmental science teacher, also mentioned how he was “excited to be able to do labs again. Students seem to really enjoy the experience, and the interactivity of labs is one of the best parts of science.”

Another big change for the science department this year was the elimination of lab days. Depending on your class in a typical school year, one or two days a week students would miss a period of gym and have their science class for an extra forty minutes. This year, because of the block schedule there are 82 minute periods so there is no need for lab days anymore.

Mrs. Post explains her experience with block scheduling to be “a nice change of pace for science teachers. We have time to teach lessons, skills and do lab work almost every time the class meets.”

It seems like the teachers in the science department are enjoying these changes and are excited to see what new things the rest of the school year will bring.