We’re All In This Together

With their doors always open, the counselors are here to help every student


Mrs. Nelson sits with a student, Jaiden Radoczy, 11, to talk about her schedule. She listens intently to Jaiden’s qualms, hoping to help.

Morgan Cooper, Bear Hub Staff

When students at EBHS think about the counseling department, they feel comfortable, relieved, and safe. The counseling offices are dimly lit and usually highly decorated safe spaces, a sanctuary in what can sometimes be a stressful school environment. These welcoming offices are the place where the counselors spend most of their day.

An important part of this job is passion, and all of the EBHS counselors love their jobs. When asked what made her get into counseling, Ms. Amaturo said I became a Counselor because I want to provide a space for students to feel safe and supported while they are at school!” Mr. Kaplansky answered the same question, saying it’s because of his “desire to help students to achieve success in high school, ranging from graduating to getting into their top college options.” Helping students is something that is important to these counselors, each of them helping the best that they can.

Another important section of the counseling department are the Student Assistant Specialists, or SAS for short. Each SAS is in charge of one grade level, cycling through the grades with the students. They provide support for the students like the counselors, but they also work on things the counselors don’t, like helping put together 504s and IEPs, each of which provide assistance at school for struggling students.

The entire counseling department is always there to support students, no matter the struggle. Without them, the school wouldn’t be the same, and may be much more stressful than it already is.