Words Around the World

Trying to learn a new language is difficult for many students because of its unfamiliarity. Seeing rules and an alphabet that is totally different from their native language can be overwhelming for many students. However, teachers here at EBHS are up to the challenge to help them understand these new words.


Marco Fouad 10, helping his classmate Brandon Silvera 10 on Franscics idioms assignment

Derek Maniquiz, Bear Hub Staff

EBHS offers lot’s of language courses that students can take to gain knowledge about another country, such as Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and Italian.

Dr. Silke Wehner Franco, a German teacher explains that the hardest part of teaching a foreign language is “helping students understand WHY there are cultural differences and people in different countries do things differently ( not necessarily better, just differently) and getting rid of stereotypes.”

She adds that one of the goals of teaching a foreign language is to “help students to become confident and not be afraid to make errors.” She hopes that they will, “Be brave!”

I love to teach all my classes. Because in every class, you can find students who truly respect and appreciate your language and culture. ”

— Mrs. Chen

Speaking in the respective language is the main part of participating in foreign language classes. Senora Verano, a Spanish teacher at EBHS, told the Hub, “I enjoy teaching higher levels because I love to read and listen to the students speaking/writing in Spanish.”

With the assistance of the foreign language faculty, it comes in handy for students to know and learn different cultures and languages besides our native English dialect.