Bear Den Blues

Home Games at Away Fields? My Oh My!


Celia Schmeidler

The bleachers at Jay Doyle Field remain barren in the aftermath of recent summer rainstorms.

Celia Schmeidler, Bear Hub Staff

A key part of the EBHS experience has always been going to football games every Friday night and cheering on the varsity team from the “Bear Den” section of the bleachers. Unfortunately, destruction from rain storms and hurricane Ida have left the Jay Doyle Field unplayable.

Tyler Zaremba, 10, believes that “it would have been great to actually play on our home field for games” but is hopeful for the future. (Celia Schmeidler)

Jeffrey Podolsky, 12, kicker for the varsity football team, feels like playing “home games at Sayreville takes away the experience of playing a real Bears home game.” Despite this, he feels fortunate to have a Bear Den that does such a great job filling the stands and making their presence clear at every game. “We can always hear their support in the background.”

Varsity cheerleaders Jessica Salzman, 12,  and Lauren Sciangula, 12,  agree that this situation “hasn’t lived up to [their] expectations of senior year because it’s such a different atmosphere” from what they are used to. However, they take comfort and find motivation in seeing so many fans still going out of their way to come and show their support.

While the ruined turf is a hindrance to the football season, students are able to come together and show support for EB Football as a school and community more than ever before.